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Posted by on Thursday October 6, 2011 8:39:42:

Aero contractors is one of the airlines operating in Nigeria and they have a website at They operate both domestic and internation flights.

In order to be able to fly with Aero, you need to make a booking and get your ticket.

Options available to book with Aero Contractors:
- Using a travel agency
- Doing it yourself at the aero office
- Using Online Booking

Now, online booking provides you the convenience of securing a seat on the flight without leaving your home or office. The internet makes this possible and if this is not your first time, you would find that it is actually the best way for booking for a flight as as today.

What you will need to do online booking with Aero contractors
- An internet connection
- Online/Offline payment ability e.g Credit card, debit cards or bank

What to do before making an online booking
- Decide on your destination and departure
- Decide on the dates
- Decide if it is a one way or two way flight

How to make your online booking
1. Go to
2. Select the from and to locations
3. Select the Departure Date and Return Date
4. Choose the number of adults and children(if any)
5. Click on find flights
6. Select a time to fly and choose whether economy or business and click on continue
7. View the total cost for your order and click on continue
8. Enter your name on the propose flight as well as passport number and Nationality and others.
9. Enter email address and phone number if any and click on continue.
10. Book your flight finally by making payment through any of the payment options such as Etranzact, Interswitch, Verve, Mastercard, Visa or Aero Voucher
11. Select that you accept the terms and conditions and click on continue
12. You will be given a booking reference code with which you can access your flights

Afterwwards, you should be able to go to travel when your departure date matures. You can also be able to book in advance, take advantage of promos and discounts as well.

If you've never travelled with Aero before of never made an online booking, try and do so by going to the website


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